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New to Boast? Start here!

It's easy to get up and running collecting testimonials with Boast

#1 Create a video collection form

Make your first form to collect video feedback.

  1. Click Forms in the primary navigation.
  2. Click the Create a Form button.
  3. Start with a form template or create a form from scratch. Customize your form as desired.
  4. Customize your form Thank You Page.
  5. Adjust form settings and notifications as desired.
  6. Save your form.

For more help with forms, view all form help articles.

#2 Test your form by submitting a video response

Use the form preview feature to get a link to test your form.


  1. Navigate to the form Share page.
  2. Use landing page preview option to see your form how your users will see it.
  3. Submit a test submission.

Once you're ready to share your form with users, you can do one of the following:

a) Embed your form on your website

b) Use a Boast-hosted landing page link

#3 Review and publish a response

Check out your test submission and publish it!

  1. Click Responses in the primary navigation.
  2. View your response and then edit it.
  3. On the edit screen you can make changes, switch the response status to Published, and save it.

For more help with responses, view all response help articles.

    #4 Create your first sequence

    Setup an email sequence to send out feedback requests.

    1. Select Sequences from the top navigation.
    2. Use the option to create a new sequence using the form you created.
    3. Make any edits to your sequence messages and then save it.
    4. Activate your sequence.

    For more help with sequences, view all sequence help articles.

    #5 Enroll yourself or a co-worker in the sequence

    Take a look at what the sequence messages look like in your inbox.

    1. Go to the Sequences area and then select Enrollment.
    2. You can enroll yourself or a co-worker in a sequence to try it out. Click to send it immediately, otherwise it will honor your sequence settings of preferred delivery times and delay periods. You can also add a Contact and enroll them in a sequence once they are a Contact.
    3. You or your co-worker will receive an email message and you can see how a sequence works.

    For more help with sequences, view all sequence help articles.

    #6 Create and embed your first widget

    Use our embed code and add your widget to your website.

    1. Navigate to the Widgets tab.
    2. Create a new widget - you should see a preview of your submissions on the right. If you don't see anything make sure you have a published response and review the filter criteria.
    3. Configure the widget options if desired.
    4. Save your widget.
    5. Embed the widget on your website.

    For more help with widgets, view all widget help articles.

    #7 Manage your contacts

    As people submit responses to your forms, contacts will be created. You can also import contacts from another system.

    1. View your contacts in the Contacts tab.
    2. Edit and update your contacts as needed.

    For more help with contacts, view all contact help articles.