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What's the Difference Between the Javascript and iFrame embed code?

The Javascript solution is our recommended option. In some rare cases you may be using a web content management system that does not allow the embedding of Javascript.  In these instances you can try our iFrame code and that may work better for your situation. 

Why Should I Use the Javascript Embed Code?

The Javascript embed option gives the most seamless website integration experience.  When you embed this on your website the form or widget will inherit some of your website's style and fit in nicely with your website.  

The iFrame embed has more limitations with styling and what features it might be able to utilize in some specific browsers.  

How to Add the Javascript form to your Website

To add the Javascript submission form embed to your website, follow the instructions here.

Platforms Compatible with the Javascript Submission Form Embed Code

The Javascript submission form will work on any website that allows Javascript. This includes (click on the CMS name for specific embed instructions):

If your website falls under these platforms, or allows Javascript in general, you’ll be able to incorporate the new embed form seamlessly into your website’s design.

Platforms Not Compatible with the Javascript Submission Form Embed Code

Some third party hosted websites are not compatible with Javascript embed codes. If your website is using one of these platforms, the Javascript form embed will not be compatible with your website.

We still offer an iFrame version of our forms and  widgets which can be added to your website. Using the iFrame may cause submission issues for photos and video.

You can also use a Boast-hosted landing page.