Can I get Google reviews with Boast?

Yes! Boast sequences can help you get more Google reviews.

Google requires that reviews be posted from an authenticated Google account. This means that Boast cannot post reviews directly to Google for your customers.

However, Boast sequences allow you to request feedback via email or SMS* directly, without needing a separate marketing platform. Sequences have follow-up messages built in, so your contacts are reminded if they forget to leave you feedback when you first ask. 

Sequences give you the ability to send one or more automated messages to a contact that you add to Boast. A message can be sent immediately, or sent out in a sequence separated by a couple of days.

How to Ask for Google Reviews Using Boast Sequences

  1. Get your Google review link using our Google Review Link Generator
  2. Add your review link to your Boast account
  3. Create a new sequence - our Google Review sequence template is a great starting point!
  4. Edit the sequence messages and other settings as desired
  5. Enroll your contacts in the sequence
  6. Sit back and relax!

Bonus: you can also ask for a Google review in your form thank you message.

Additional Resources

*SMS sequences are available on Team and Premium plans.