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Can I use Boast if I do not have a website for my business? 🎥



If you do not have a website, Boast provides form landing pages which you can use to collect feedback.

Here is an example landing page: https://fake-home-sales.boast.io/form/example-landing-page

You will be able to create a landing page for any form that you create. You can control colors, add additional content such as explanation text or an image, and even add custom CSS styling.


Once you've created your landing page, you can send the link directly to your customers so that they can fill out your form.

Alternatively, you can also enroll your contacts into a Boast email sequence, which will send out periodic emails asking customers for feedback, linking to the landing page and form you created. You decide the timing and content of the messages. 

Sharing Responses (Widgets)

Once you've collected some feedback, you can share it with others, even without a website. 

If you'd like to share a single response with someone, you can send them a direct link to it.

You can also download submissions to use on other platforms and/or in marketing campaigns, To make this process easy, Boast supports Zapier integration, allowing you to seamlessly connect with thousands of other apps.