What form fields are available?

You are no longer limited to just a title, feedback box, a star rating and a single video. We’ve added additional fields to our entry level plans and pretty much any field you could imagine to our more advanced plans.

Standard fields that you can use:

  • Location – collect feedback for various business locations
  • Staff – collect feedback for different staff / employees
  • Video – new and improved video collection field
  • Photo
  • Consent – positive consent checkbox
  • Text Block – include additional informational text on your form
  • Submit Button – customize the default submit button text

Advanced form fields (available on Team and Premium plans):

  • Text Input – ask additional single line questions
  • Long Text – ask a question with longer open-ended responses
  • Number – ask something that needs to be validated as a number
  • Multiple Choice – ask questions with your own multiple choice options
  • Checkboxes – allow users to select one or more answer to a question
  • Dropdown – select one choice from a list of options
  • Date – ability to select a date on a nice calendar picker widget
  • Hidden – sometimes you want to include your own information in a form to be submitted. Developers know what I’m talking about; this is for you. Psst you can fill data into this field from the URL. You’re welcome.
  • Additional Video – You can now add more than one video to your forms! If you want to break your form up into multiple questions each with a short 20 – 30 second answer and have a distinct video for each of those – go for it.
  • Additional Photos – Maybe you’re collecting a testimonial after a project and want them to send in some finished photos, who knows – but you can now do it.
  • Additional ratings – You can add more than one rating to a form now and you are not limited to just the star ratings.