How can I auto-fill the submission form?

You can easily auto-fill the fields on a form by adding a querystring to the end of the URL of your landing page. Here's an example:

Form embedded on a website:

Boast landing page:

You can find the correct parameter (email, mobile_phone, rating) to use by editing a form field, clicking on Advanced, and noting the System Name.

Primary fields will always have the same parameter names:

  • full_name[first_name]
  • full_name[last_name]
  • email
  • mobile_phone
  • feedback
  • headline
  • rating
  • company
  • job_title
  • location
  • staff

For advanced fields, you will need to check in the System Name field to see what the parameter name is.

Parameter names for a field are generated the first time you save the form with the field added.