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Promoting Boast for Affiliates

Are you a new Boast Affiliate? Start here.

Now that you’re a Boast Affiliate, it’s time to start sharing Boast with others so you can start racking up the commissions.

Here are a few ways we recommend getting started:

Educate your audience about the importance of testimonials

Consider creating a guide or email course all about the importance of testimonials in your niche. You love Boast because you’ve seen the power of testimonials first-hand. Share this knowledge and help your audience to develop their beliefs about the importance of sharing customer stories with their prospects.

A free online course can be a great way to bring value to your subscribers while sharing what you know, building trust, and highlighting Boast as your tool of choice.

Include Boast on your Resource page or create one

Do you have a page on your website where you link to all of the awesome resources that help you achieve success and have the potential to bring value to your audience? Add Boast to the list of tools you use and recommend.

If you don’t have a Resources page, create one! This could be in the form of a “toolkit” that your audience needs to be successful.

Share your story of what Boast means to your Business

Letting your audience in on how you came to love Boast can be one of the most powerful ways to promote the product. Think about why you chose Boast for your testimonial needs. Did you switch from another platform? Which one and why?

Also think about sharing how specific Boast features, like video testimonials or testimonial requests made an impact on your business. This can help your audience see the value of Boast get a clear picture of how it can help them achieve their goals.

Link to your affiliate page from anywhere it will add value

A simple and easy way to share Boast with your audience is to include your affiliate link in your content. Including a link such as “Testimonials collected with Boast” on your collection page or display page can be a subtle but effective way to get traffic to your affiliate link.