How to set up gift cards and rewards in Boast

Boast's Zapier integration makes it easy to send gift cards and other rewards to your customers.

There are quite a few services available in Zapier you can use to integrate gift cards and rewards with Boast. Here are a few options:

For this example, we'll be using Tango Card, which allows you to send gift cards for 100+ brands, including e-gift cards, prepaid cards and non-profit donations.

How to use Zapier to integrate gift cards with Boast

  1. Create a new Zap
  2. Choose Boast to be the Trigger and choose Response Submitted or Response Published
    1. Choose Response Submitted if you want all form submissions to receive a reward
    2. Choose Response Published if you only want rewards to go to responses that you publish
  3. Connect your Boast account
  4. Choose the correct account and form

  5. Test the Trigger
  6. For the Action, choose Tango Card as the app and Send Reward as the action event
  7. Connect to your Tango Card Account
  8. Test and save your Zap