How do I edit videos in Boast?

Boast's in-app editor allows you to to cut, trim and rearrange your videos.

To edit a video:

  1. Edit the response.
  2. Under the video you'd like to edit, click Editor.
  3. Wait for the editor to load. If it it a long video, this may take a minute.


The timeline shows you a preview of your video.


The vertical red line denotes your current location in the video.

Play Controls


The current timestamp shows on the left. 

In the blue bar, the controls are as follows, from left to right:

  • Move playhead back to the beginning of the video
  • Go back .25 seconds
  • Play / pause
  • Go forward .25 seconds
  • Move playhead to the end of the video


Click Split to split your video into multiple segments. The video will split at the red playhead line.


Click Delete to remove a clip from your video. The currently selected clip (highlighted in yellow) will be deleted.


Click and drag clips on the timeline to rearrange them.


s = split

backspace = delete

left arrow = back .25s

right arrow = forward .25s

spacebar = play/pause

undo = control+z