How can I change the colors of the buttons on my embedded form?

Embedded forms are designed to adhere to the styles of your website as best as possible. In some cases, you may need to make some additional tweaks.

In the future we will implement a way to edit form button colors directly in the form designer.

For now, you can add custom CSS to your website.

To edit the submit button color:

div.boast-component .collection-form button.btn-submit {background: #f59e23;}
div.boast-component .collection-form button.btn-submit:hover {background: #f59e23;}

To edit the photo/video control button colors:

div.boast-component .collection-form button.btn-primary {background: #f59e23;}
div.boast-component .collection-form button.btn-primary:hover {background: #f59e23;}