Creating a Boast Thank You Page

When a customer submits a testimonial, it’s a good idea to thank them, and encourage them to share their testimonial with others. If you’re providing prizes or conducting a contest in exchange for testimonials, you should give the customer more information about it. 

With Boast, you can customize the message your customer sees based on the star rating they leave. This way, you can ask five-star customers to share further and redirect a one-star reviewer to a customer service person, or another step you think is appropriate. 

Please keep in mind that the terms of service on some third-party review sites require that all customers be given equal opportunity to share their feedback, whether positive or negative. Read the terms of service of each site carefully before asking your customers to leave reviews on other sites.  

  1. Create a new form, or edit an existing one.
  2. Under Design, select the “Thank You Page” tab.
  3. Here, you can decide to display a thank you message, or redirect to another page. You can also customize thank you messages based on the rating your customer gives.